Guaranteed Quality

When you order from Dallas Hermetic, you are guaranteed the  same quality as original factory authorized products. We carefully disassemble each compressor and rebuild it to factory standards.

Dallas Hermetic's Quality System

Meeting an ever growing customer demand for the highest level of quality, our Quality Management System is compliant with the International Quality Standard, ISO 9002. The Quality System encompasses 20 elements , and is reviewed by Dallas Hermetic's internal auditors.

Quality products are produced by trained individuals. Dallas Hermetic has a training program that incorporates over 100 custom designed modules for each step in the remanufacturing process.

Remanufactured compressors from Dallas Hermetic are of the same quality as original factory authorized products. Additionally, we custom configure every compressor according to the accurate model number or correct identification you provide, so that the compressor you receive from us will be a "drop in" replacement.

Our Quality Policy

"It is the policy of Dallas Hermetic Co. to continuously improve the usefulness, function, and impression of our company, its products, services, and people to our customers, suppliers, and sponsors, both internal and external."