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What does "Remanufactured" mean?

Here is the way we remanufacture compressors:

  • Each compressor is completely disassembled. Sub-assemblies are further disassembled into their component parts.
  • Without question, all bearings, gaskets, piston rings, and valve reeds are discarded, as well as any components that do not pass the first inspection.


  • All of the remaining metal components are cleaned. All oxides, corrosion, sludge, wear product and lubricants and disposed of appropriately. Each component is sorted and inspected for stress and wear. Any component that does not meet or exceed factory specifications, or is not capable of being refurbished, is discarded.


  • With our extensive machine shop expertise, all components that require refurbishing such as cylinder honing, cylinder liner replacement, precision surface grinding of valve seats, bearing pressing, etc.. are handled in our plant. (Crankshaft grinding, and chrome plating is handled by outside vendors specializing in that field.)
  • At this point, all components must pass visual, chemical, and machine inspection requirements that meet or exceed specified tolerances.


  •  Multi component assemblies (Piston/rod , oil pump, valve, capacity control devices etc.. are sub-assembled and checked prior to installation in the compressor housing.)


  • Compressor motors (stators) that are intact, are subjected to a series of visual electrical and mechanical tests to determine their suitability for reuse. Any stator that fails these tests is completely stripped of the original wire varnish & insulation. After testing the stator iron for appropriate magnetic properties and quality, new hermetic insulation and magnet wire is installed and tested. The entire stator assembly is immersed in a quality hermetic approved epoxy varnish for through saturation. Next the stator assembly is baked in a controlled oven for proper curing. Afterwards further electrical tests are performed prior to installation in the compressor.


  •  OEM tolerances are adhered to during the assembly of the compressor. Fasteners are torqued to factory specifications.
  • After assembly every compressor is checked for leaks to assure appropriate sealing.


  • On completion of the assembly process, every compressor is leak tested to assure that they are "gas tight".
  • The proper quantity and viscosity, per the manufacturer's specifications, of refrigeration lubricant is added. Specific lubricants can be added per customer request. We can ship any compressor without lubricant if so desired.


  • Every compressor is run tested. The amperage Draw, oil pressure valve operation, capacity control operation, etc are recorded on a unique assembly traveler document which is serialized and matched for future reference.


  • After testing each compressor is pressurized with 30 psi of dry nitrogen.


  • Each compressor is painted with a quality paint to protect the metal finish and enhance appearance. Special coatings are applied when appropriate for extreme environments.


  • We customize each compressor per customer requirements. Our goal is to have the compressor arrive at the customers location without need for modification.


  • Dallas Hermetic Compressors are remanufactured as replacements equal to factory authorized remanufactured compressors.

For more information on remanufacturing, please visit The Remanufacturing Institute