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Compressor Reference 2004
New Version!

Save time on your next order and avoid the hassle of keeping a library of compressor information in house! This complete reference CD-ROM contains information and photos of every major brand of compressor, allowing you to find what you need in seconds. Features include:

  • Visual computer reference of A/C and Refrigeration compressors
  • RLA and LRA amperage ratings
  • Motor terminal wiring diagrams
  • Oil charge and operating pressure
  • CFM ratings for quick comparisons Enhanced!
  • Torque specifications
  • Wear limits and tolerances
  • Bore & Stroke Data Enhanced!
  • Various pictures and diagrams
  • Capacity control characteristics
  • Model number interpretation Enhanced!
  • Diagrams compressor unloading
  • Single phase ratings on Carlyle & Copeland compressors. Includes start relay, start & run capacitor ratings. New!
  • Direct Internet access to our web site


  • Carlyle, Copeland, Trane, Worthington, York
  • Easy to use interface, quick to learn
  • Find needed information in seconds
  • All pages printable

Available only on CD-ROM

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Find information quickly on all major brands of compressors