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Stationary Products Warranty

This warranty extends from Dallas Hermetic Company, Inc. to the original purchaser for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase and covers the compressor in its original installation only. All compressors sold by Dallas Hermetic are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and in materials installed by Dallas Hermetic. No warranty consideration will be given on any claim unless the original purchaser's account is current.

Dallas Hermetic's liability on any claim for loss or damage arising out of the sale, resale, or use of any of its products shall in no event exceed the selling price of the product which gives rise to the claim. No liability is assumed or will be paid by Dallas Hermetic for system damage, labor, down time, merchandise or tenant loss. In no event shall Dallas Hermetic be liable for consequential or special damage.

Responsibility of the purchaser

The purchaser must furnish true and accurate information with respect to identification of the make and model of the compressor needed. Dallas Hermetic assumes no liability for compressors erroneously ordered by the purchaser.

Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to...

  • employing qualified service personnel to properly install the compressor.
  • following origional system manufacturer's service procedures.
  • finding and correcting the original cause of failure.
  • being sure the system is clean and free of water/sludge/acid prior to operation.
  • installing or replacing liquid and suction line filters dryers.
  • being sure there is proper electrical protection for the compressor.
  • being sure there is proper air/water flow over condensers/evaporators.

This Warranty Does Not Cover failure or damage due to...

  • improper cleaning or failure to clean the system in which the compressor is installed.
  • improper electrical power.
  • faulty controls.
  • hydraulic slugging.
  • foreign materials or chemicals in the compressor.
  • excessive oil.
  • use of improper oil.
  • moisture in the compressor.
  • excessive operating temperatures.
  • lubrication failure as a result of excessive refrigerant in the compressor.
  • improper piping, faulty controls/filters, or improper operation.
  • compressors repaired or opened for inspection by anyone other than Dallas Hermetic personnel, without written consent of Dallas Hermetic.


Compressors that fail during the warranty period must be returned freight prepaid (unless other arrangements were agreed upon) to Dallas Hermetic Company, Inc. - 8305 Sovereign Row - Dallas, Texas 75247, for warranty consideration.

If upon inspection by our personnel, the failed compressor is determined to have failed due to reasons which fall within the limits of this warranty, Dallas Hermetic will, at our discretion, repair the compressor as quickly as possible during normal working hours or replace the compressor with a like model. The subsequent replacement will be shipped to the customer freight prepaid. The warranty period for the replacement compressor is limited to the balance of time remaining on the warranty of the original purchase.

If upon inspection by our personnel, the failed compressor is determined to have failed due to reasons which fall outside the limits of this warranty, the purchaser is liable for all costs incurred by Dallas Hermetic in the event a replacement was provided in advance, or , all costs incurred by Dallas Hermetic to remanufacture and return a replacement compressor.

Completed Compressor Teardown Inspection, Compressor Failure Analysis, and Warranty Claim Resolution reports will be provided to the purchaser in response to a warranty claim.

No other warranty is expressed or implied.