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Transportation Products Warranty

Dallas Hermetic Company, Inc. will repair or replace F.O.B. Dallas, Texas any unit remanufactured by us which fails or malfunctions as a result of defects in parts or our workmanship for a period of 30 months after original delivery. Dallas Hermetic Company, Inc. shall not be responsible for any charges to remove or reinstall units or for any repairs other than those covered above. Any unit which fails due to use untypical of its intended design parameters, or through negligence or misuse will not be covered by this warranty.

The Limits

Dallas Hermetic Company, Inc. limits coverage as follows: All incidental, consequential, special damages or losses are not covered even though they may be related to defective parts or workmanship. (This helps keep the price down.) Your only remedy and our only liability will be for replacement and repair of the failed or malfunctioning unit provided the failure was caused by defective parts or our workmanship. Any unit repaired or replaced under this warranty will be covered likewise until the expiration of the original warranty period (this warranty is pro rated.)

For the Lawyers

The foregoing obligation is expressly given in lieu of any other warranties; expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, which exceeds the responsibilities expressly, set fourth herein.

Sorry, extended warranties are not available on transportation products.