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Warranty Guidelines

We warrant quality workmanship against defective parts and/or workmanship in remanufacturing.

We do not warrant our compressors against:

  1. Failure of one of the many components within the air conditioning or refrigeration system.
  2. Improper installation or maintenance.
  3. Failure due to natural occurrences such as power surges.

It is the responsibility of the customer to effectively complete testing and tuning of the system components, lubricants, and refrigerants. Failures to do so are not covered by our warranty.

Our first objective is to help get your customer's systems operational as soon as possible. Our second objective is to analyze the failed compressor to determine the cause of failure and respond to you with our findings. The final objective is to allocate the expenses incurred.

If the compressor is in stock, we will ship a replacement or make one available for pick-up as soon as possible (usually the same day). If the compressor is not in stock or is of a rare or obsolete variety, we may have to have you ship us the failed compressor for analysis, remanufacture, and return. In some cases it may be less costly for you to perform the repairs yourself. If you choose to do so, we can provide you with parts, and may pay a previously agreed upon amount for labor. We will not warranty the work you perform or parts you install, if acquired from other sources.

We will perform a teardown inspection and failure analysis on every warranty claim compressor. We will provide you with written documentation of our findings.

In most cases, we will honor first time warranty claims regardless of cause, except for in the case of negligent installation or operation. (We reserve the right to defer to the specifics of our warranty.)

In any case, if we determine that the compressor failure is due to anything other than defects in our parts and/or workmanship, we will not pay any incidental expenses. If we determine that the compressor failure is due to defects in our parts and/or workmanship, we will consider:

  • Crane charges, not to exceed $300.
  • Labor, not to exceed $250 for compressors up to and including 40 tons and not to exceed $500 for compressors over 40 tons.

A second failure, as defined by a warranty claim on the original compressor's replacement, and any subsequent failure, will follow the same procedure yet be subject to closer scrutiny and more literal interpretation of our warranty.